Michelin® Pro Series Rear Wiper Blade

Position Blade Length Adapter Part Number
Rear 8A inch A 958A

Installation Video Arm Type: PRL2

Blade Type Plastic Rear


Rear wiper blades are often neglected and forgotten until they are needed and then it is too late. Replacing your worn out rear wiper blade with a new MICHELIN® Rear Wiper blade is the smart solution. It will deliver smooth, streak-free wipes with quiet operation, for a clear view to the rear of your vehicle.

  • Michelin Rear Wiper blades provide the technology and quality you expect from the name you trust to help you see clearly and drive safely in all weather conditions.
  • Heavy Duty Design all plastic frame for durability ​
  • All Weather Performance wiper, engineered for durable wiping in any weather – Rain, Heat, Snow, and Sleet
  • Easy to fit connectors – fits most plastic arm types




2008-2008 Scion xD Hatchback, 2009-2009 Scion xD Hatchback, 2010-2010 Scion xD Hatchback, 2011-2011 Lexus CT200h Hatchback, 2011-2011 Scion xD Hatchback, 2012-2012 Lexus CT200h Hatchback, 2012-2012 Scion xD Hatchback, 2012-2012 Toyota Prius C Hatchback, 2013-2013 Lexus CT200h Hatchback, 2013-2013 Scion xD Hatchback, 2013-2013 Toyota Prius C Hatchback, 2014-2014 Lexus CT200h Hatchback, 2014-2014 Scion xD Hatchback, 2014-2014 Toyota Prius C Hatchback, 2015-2015 Lexus CT200h Hatchback, 2015-2015 Toyota Prius C Hatchback, 2016-2016 Lexus CT200h Hatchback, 2016-2016 Toyota Prius C Hatchback, 2017-2017 Lexus CT200h Hatchback, 2017-2017 Toyota Prius C Hatchback, 2018-2018 Toyota Prius C Hatchback, 2019-2019 Toyota Prius C Hatchback

Blade Type

Plastic Rear

Arm Type:


Blade Material


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