Michelin® Cyclone™ Hybrid Wiper Blade


Position Blade Length Adapter Part Number
Rear 15 inch Pre-Installed 14515

Installation Video Arm Type: BAY7


The Right Wiper Makes All The Difference. The sleek OEM hybrid design combines the windshield-hugging features of a conventional spring-loaded blade with the anti-snow buildup features of a beam blade for superior wiping in all conditions.

  • Exclusive Smart-Flex™ Technology with multi pressure point surface contact for better wipes and improved vision
  • Dur-iflex™ Cover provides maximum flexibility and protects from clogging with snow and ice ​
  • Built Tough for long lasting wipe performance in all-weather – heavy rain, ice, sleet and snow
  • Premium Rubber with Dura-Glide™ Coating for smooth and quiet wipes
  • Independent Suspension adjust to the curvature of your windshield for optimal windshield contact all the way to the ends of the wiper blade
  • Upgrade your wipers fast and easy with the EZ-Lok™ Connector System



1979-1979 Fiat Strada Hatchback, 1980-1980 Fiat Strada Hatchback, 1981-1981 Fiat Strada Hatchback, 1981-1981 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1981-1981 Ford Escort Wagon, 1981-1981 Mercury Lynx Wagon, 1981-1981 Nissan 810 Wagon, 1981-1981 Nissan Maxima Wagon, 1981-1981 Toyota Starlet Hatchback, 1982-1982 Fiat Strada Hatchback, 1982-1982 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1982-1982 Ford Escort Wagon, 1982-1982 Mercury Lynx Wagon, 1982-1982 Nissan Maxima Wagon, 1982-1982 Toyota Starlet Hatchback, 1983-1983 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1983-1983 Ford Escort Wagon, 1983-1983 Mercury Lynx Wagon, 1983-1983 Nissan Maxima Wagon, 1983-1983 Toyota Starlet Hatchback, 1984-1984 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1984-1984 Ford Escort Wagon, 1984-1984 Mercury Lynx Wagon, 1984-1984 Nissan Maxima Wagon, 1984-1984 Toyota Starlet Hatchback, 1985-1985 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1985-1985 Ford Escort Wagon, 1985-1985 Mercury Lynx Wagon, 1986-1986 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1986-1986 Ford Escort Wagon, 1986-1986 Ford Taurus Wagon, 1986-1986 Isuzu I-Mark Hatchback, 1986-1986 Mercury Lynx Wagon, 1986-1986 Mercury Sable Wagon, 1987-1987 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1987-1987 Ford Escort Wagon, 1987-1987 Ford Taurus Wagon, 1987-1987 Isuzu I-Mark Hatchback, 1987-1987 Mercury Lynx Wagon, 1987-1987 Mercury Sable Wagon, 1987-1987 Mitsubishi Van Standard Cargo Van, 1987-1987 Mitsubishi Van Standard Passenger Van, 1988-1988 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1988-1988 Ford Escort Wagon, 1988-1988 Ford Festiva Hatchback, 1988-1988 Ford Taurus Wagon, 1988-1988 Isuzu I-Mark Hatchback, 1988-1988 Mercury Sable Wagon, 1988-1988 Mitsubishi Van Standard Cargo Van, 1988-1988 Mitsubishi Van Standard Passenger Van, 1989-1989 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1989-1989 Ford Escort Wagon, 1989-1989 Ford Festiva Hatchback, 1989-1989 Ford Taurus Wagon, 1989-1989 Geo Metro Hatchback, 1989-1989 Isuzu I-Mark Hatchback, 1989-1989 Mercury Sable Wagon, 1989-1989 Mitsubishi Van Standard Cargo Van, 1989-1989 Mitsubishi Van Standard Passenger Van, 1990-1990 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1990-1990 Ford Escort Wagon, 1990-1990 Ford Festiva Hatchback, 1990-1990 Ford Taurus Wagon, 1990-1990 Geo Metro Hatchback, 1990-1990 Mercury Sable Wagon, 1990-1990 Mitsubishi Van Standard Cargo Van, 1990-1990 Mitsubishi Van Standard Passenger Van, 1991-1991 Ford Festiva Hatchback, 1991-1991 Ford Taurus Wagon, 1991-1991 Geo Metro Hatchback, 1991-1991 Mercury Sable Wagon, 1991-1991 Toyota Land Cruiser Sport Utility, 1992-1992 Ford Festiva Hatchback, 1992-1992 Geo Metro Hatchback, 1992-1992 Toyota Land Cruiser Sport Utility, 1993-1993 Ford Festiva Hatchback, 1995-1995 Honda Odyssey Mini Passenger Van, 1996-1996 Honda Odyssey Mini Passenger Van, 1996-1996 Isuzu Oasis Mini Passenger Van, 1997-1997 Isuzu Oasis Mini Passenger Van, 1998-1998 Isuzu Oasis Mini Passenger Van, 1999-1999 Isuzu Oasis Mini Passenger Van


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