Pylon® Red Conventional Wiper Blade

Position Blade Length Adapter Part Number
Driver Side 11 inch Pre-Installed 01111
Passenger Side 11 inch Pre-Installed 01111

Arm Type: CSP

Blade Type Conventional


These economical wiper blades providelong lasting, all season performance.

  • Steel durable frame
  • Compression Molded Natural rubber for streak-free smooth, quiet operation ​
  • All Weather Performance wiper, engineered for durable wiping in any weather – Rain, Heat, Snow, and Sleet
  • MoS2 coated rubber for a smooth and quiet wipe
  • Pre-installed connector for fast, easy instalation




1951-1951 Buick Roadmaster Convertible, 1951-1951 Buick Roadmaster Hardtop, 1951-1951 Buick Roadmaster Sedan, 1951-1951 Buick Roadmaster U/K, 1951-1951 Buick Roadmaster Wagon, 1952-1952 Buick Roadmaster Convertible, 1952-1952 Buick Roadmaster Hardtop, 1952-1952 Buick Roadmaster Sedan, 1952-1952 Buick Roadmaster U/K, 1952-1952 Buick Roadmaster Wagon, 1953-1953 Alfa Romeo 1900 U/K, 1953-1953 Alfa Romeo 1900C U/K, 1953-1953 Buick Roadmaster U/K, 1953-1953 Buick Roadmaster Wagon, 1954-1954 Alfa Romeo 1900 U/K, 1954-1954 Alfa Romeo 1900C U/K, 1955-1955 Alfa Romeo 1900 U/K, 1955-1955 Alfa Romeo 1900C U/K, 1955-1955 Bentley Continental U/K, 1955-1955 Bentley S1 Series Coupe, 1955-1955 Bentley S1 Series Sedan, 1955-1955 Bentley S1 Series U/K, 1956-1956 Alfa Romeo 1900 U/K, 1956-1956 Alfa Romeo 1900C U/K, 1956-1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Convertible, 1956-1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Coupe, 1956-1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sedan, 1956-1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta U/K, 1956-1956 Bentley Continental U/K, 1956-1956 Bentley S1 Series Coupe, 1956-1956 Bentley S1 Series Sedan, 1956-1956 Bentley S1 Series U/K, 1957-1957 Alfa Romeo 1900 U/K, 1957-1957 Alfa Romeo 1900C U/K, 1957-1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Convertible, 1957-1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Coupe, 1957-1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sedan, 1957-1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta U/K, 1957-1957 Bentley Continental U/K, 1957-1957 Bentley S1 Series Coupe, 1957-1957 Bentley S1 Series Sedan, 1957-1957 Bentley S1 Series U/K, 1958-1958 Alfa Romeo 1900 U/K, 1958-1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Convertible, 1958-1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Coupe, 1958-1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sedan, 1958-1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta U/K, 1958-1958 Bentley Continental U/K, 1958-1958 Bentley S1 Series Coupe, 1958-1958 Bentley S1 Series Sedan, 1958-1958 Bentley S1 Series U/K, 1959-1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Convertible, 1959-1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Coupe, 1959-1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sedan, 1959-1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta U/K, 1959-1959 Bentley Continental U/K, 1959-1959 Bentley S2 Series Coupe, 1959-1959 Bentley S2 Series Limousine, 1959-1959 Bentley S2 Series Sedan, 1959-1959 Bentley S2 Series U/K, 1960-1960 Bentley Continental U/K, 1960-1960 Bentley S2 Series Coupe, 1960-1960 Bentley S2 Series Limousine, 1960-1960 Bentley S2 Series Sedan, 1960-1960 Bentley S2 Series U/K, 1961-1961 Bentley Continental U/K, 1961-1961 Bentley S2 Series Coupe, 1961-1961 Bentley S2 Series Limousine, 1961-1961 Bentley S2 Series Sedan, 1961-1961 Bentley S2 Series U/K, 1962-1962 Bentley Continental U/K, 1962-1962 Bentley S3 Series Coupe, 1962-1962 Bentley S3 Series Limousine, 1962-1962 Bentley S3 Series Sedan, 1962-1962 Bentley S3 Series U/K, 1963-1963 Bentley Continental U/K, 1963-1963 Bentley S3 Series Coupe, 1963-1963 Bentley S3 Series Limousine, 1963-1963 Bentley S3 Series Sedan, 1963-1963 Bentley S3 Series U/K, 1964-1964 Bentley Continental U/K, 1964-1964 Bentley S3 Series Coupe, 1964-1964 Bentley S3 Series Limousine, 1964-1964 Bentley S3 Series Sedan, 1964-1964 Bentley S3 Series U/K, 1965-1965 Bentley Continental U/K, 1965-1965 Bentley S3 Series Coupe, 1965-1965 Bentley S3 Series Limousine, 1965-1965 Bentley S3 Series Sedan, 1965-1965 Bentley S3 Series U/K

Blade Type


Arm Type:




Blade Material


Driver Part No.


Passenger Part No.


Driver Length

11 inch

Passenger Length

11 inch


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