Michelin® Pro Series Conventional Wiper Blade

Position Blade Length Adapter Part Number
Rear 15 inch Pre-Installed 6415

Installation Video Arm Type: BAY7

Blade Type Conventional


Michelin® Pro Series Conventional wiper blades features an Aero Vented Design with multiple pressure points that apply even pressure across the blade for streak-free quiet wipes. The steel frame resists rust and corrosion for durable long-lasting performance. A higher grade of blade. Clearly.

  • Built Tough for durable wiping in performance
  • Compression Molded Natural rubber for streak-free smooth, quiet operation ​
  • All Weather Performance wiper, engineered for durable wiping in any weather – Rain, Heat, Snow, and Sleet
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame durable long lasting performance




1979-1979 Fiat Strada Hatchback, 1980-1980 Fiat Strada Hatchback, 1981-1981 Fiat Strada Hatchback, 1981-1981 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1981-1981 Ford Escort Wagon, 1981-1981 Mercury Lynx Wagon, 1981-1981 Nissan 810 Wagon, 1981-1981 Nissan Maxima Wagon, 1981-1981 Toyota Starlet Hatchback, 1982-1982 Fiat Strada Hatchback, 1982-1982 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1982-1982 Ford Escort Wagon, 1982-1982 Mercury Lynx Wagon, 1982-1982 Nissan Maxima Wagon, 1982-1982 Toyota Starlet Hatchback, 1983-1983 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1983-1983 Ford Escort Wagon, 1983-1983 Mercury Lynx Wagon, 1983-1983 Nissan Maxima Wagon, 1983-1983 Toyota Starlet Hatchback, 1984-1984 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1984-1984 Ford Escort Wagon, 1984-1984 Mercury Lynx Wagon, 1984-1984 Nissan Maxima Wagon, 1984-1984 Toyota Starlet Hatchback, 1985-1985 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1985-1985 Ford Escort Wagon, 1985-1985 Mercury Lynx Wagon, 1986-1986 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1986-1986 Ford Escort Wagon, 1986-1986 Ford Taurus Wagon, 1986-1986 Isuzu I-Mark Hatchback, 1986-1986 Mercury Lynx Wagon, 1986-1986 Mercury Sable Wagon, 1987-1987 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1987-1987 Ford Escort Wagon, 1987-1987 Ford Taurus Wagon, 1987-1987 Isuzu I-Mark Hatchback, 1987-1987 Mercury Lynx Wagon, 1987-1987 Mercury Sable Wagon, 1987-1987 Mitsubishi Van Standard Cargo Van, 1987-1987 Mitsubishi Van Standard Passenger Van, 1988-1988 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1988-1988 Ford Escort Wagon, 1988-1988 Ford Festiva Hatchback, 1988-1988 Ford Taurus Wagon, 1988-1988 Isuzu I-Mark Hatchback, 1988-1988 Mercury Sable Wagon, 1988-1988 Mitsubishi Van Standard Cargo Van, 1988-1988 Mitsubishi Van Standard Passenger Van, 1989-1989 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1989-1989 Ford Escort Wagon, 1989-1989 Ford Festiva Hatchback, 1989-1989 Ford Taurus Wagon, 1989-1989 Geo Metro Hatchback, 1989-1989 Isuzu I-Mark Hatchback, 1989-1989 Mercury Sable Wagon, 1989-1989 Mitsubishi Van Standard Cargo Van, 1989-1989 Mitsubishi Van Standard Passenger Van, 1990-1990 Ford Escort Hatchback, 1990-1990 Ford Escort Wagon, 1990-1990 Ford Festiva Hatchback, 1990-1990 Ford Taurus Wagon, 1990-1990 Geo Metro Hatchback, 1990-1990 Mercury Sable Wagon, 1990-1990 Mitsubishi Van Standard Cargo Van, 1990-1990 Mitsubishi Van Standard Passenger Van, 1991-1991 Ford Festiva Hatchback, 1991-1991 Ford Taurus Wagon, 1991-1991 Geo Metro Hatchback, 1991-1991 Mercury Sable Wagon, 1991-1991 Toyota Land Cruiser Sport Utility, 1992-1992 Ford Festiva Hatchback, 1992-1992 Geo Metro Hatchback, 1992-1992 Toyota Land Cruiser Sport Utility, 1993-1993 Ford Festiva Hatchback, 1995-1995 Honda Odyssey Mini Passenger Van, 1996-1996 Honda Odyssey Mini Passenger Van, 1996-1996 Isuzu Oasis Mini Passenger Van, 1997-1997 Isuzu Oasis Mini Passenger Van, 1998-1998 Isuzu Oasis Mini Passenger Van, 1999-1999 Isuzu Oasis Mini Passenger Van

Blade Type


Arm Type:


Blade Material


Rear Part No.


Rear Length

15 inch

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