Michelin® RainForce

Features & Benefits

MICHELIN® Rainforce® all-weather performance windshield wiper blades offer streak free quiet wiping at an exceptional value

Wiper blade size:

Available in lengths from 11” to 28”

Is It Time For A Change?

Wear and tear on your wiper blades can lead to reduced visibility and increased danger on the road. If your wiper blades exhibit any of these signs of wear, it's time to replace them immediately.

Quick, Easy, and Secure Installation

EZ LOK connector system easily and quickly fits all hook, pin, and bayonet style connectors. No additional connectors are needed. Step-by-step installation videos are available.

Durable, Long-Lasting Performance

Michelin RainForce heavy duty steel frame provides added strength and durability. 

  • Heavy duty steal frame design 
  • Tested to perform over 500,000 cycles
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