MICHELIN® Programmable Tire Gauge with Emergency Hammer and Seat Belt Cutter

Features & Benefits

The MICHELIN® Programmable Tire Gauge maximizes the performance and fuel efficiency while increasing passenger safety and comfort. This tire gauge allows you to preset the recommended pressure of your vehicle helping to ensure proper tire inflation. Additional safety features include a built-in metal safety hammer and seat belt cutter.

Model Number: 44407

Programmable Tire Gauge

Programmable feature allows gauge to remember factory recommended pressure

Built-in Metal Safety Hammer

Built-in metal safety hammer for added safety.  A must-have in your car. This tool will definitely save you time should you need to break the window glass. Can make a big difference between life and death.

Seat Belt Cutter

Built in seat belt cutter for emergency use.  A must-have in your car should you face a situation where your seat belt will not release from its buckle.

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